Tuesday, April 16, 2013

'Chicago Fire': Return Date Change and My Personal Thoughts

This morning on twitter Derek Haas (co-creator of 'Chicago Fire' and 'The Right Hand' author) announced that 'Chicago Fire' will be returning on May 1st instead of the original date April 24th. It is upsetting that Chicago Fire Fans have to wait even longer for a new episode, but this was a smart move for the show. "We don't return until May 1st now so we can run all four episodes during sweeps." What that means is instead of having to go through more of these breaks; the fans will be able to watch brand new episodes back to back until the season finale.

This season has been full of surprises. The show getting picked up for a full season and gaining additional episodes, the intense storylines, the increasing fan base and now a potential spin-off is in the works. Many critics said that this was a show that was going to fail, yet this show has been doing better than other shows critics favored at the start of the fall season. Once NBC announces that there will be a season two (they would be incredibly dense if they don’t) they need to promote the hell out of ‘Chicago Fire’ that way it can return even stronger than when it premiered in the fall. If they want the show to succeed the way the fans do, they need to start acting like it. Keyword until next season starts: PROMOTE.

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  1. Good move- but it will be hard to wait! I will be excited for May, 1st! :)

    great blog by the way! :)